Ladies, do you wear BRAS?
I mean, are you Being.Responsible.And.Sexy?

So, now you have got the PIEW and you seat on the PEW with your dream come true and you think it’s time for you to dress and look ugly, just because you are “married”. I know you don’t care about your looks anymore and it’s a tough job keeping both yourself and the apartment in a good looking condition.

I also know you don’t want your man to be guilty of infidelity, (yes, we don’t). My sister, continue, as if you don’t know “men” are a visual specie.

Have you ever bought something you really don’t need just cause of its attractive pack or colorful container? Let’s say packed garri or plaintain chips. Have you?

If yes, am sure you know that packaging matters a lot, these days especially.

Girlfriend, I know Beauty.Brain.Attitude is your BBA definition, but, attitude doesn’t end with his family or your mother In-law, brains are not meant for the jobs alone and beauty is an everyday affair.

Maybe you don’t know, that lady planning to snatch your man is not gonna come, smelling of sauce and spices, she’s not going to wear unkempt hair, eye bags or shabby clothes, she might even go all the way to reveal more than the eye is meant to see ’cause she is in for a competition.

My dear, relax, you are his homemaker, his wife and soulmate and you are not competing with anybody as long as you are going to “Be.Responsible.And.Sexy.”

You see, its all about BRAS, being the woman you are, and not loosing the girl you once were, retaining your girl vibe even when figures keep adding to your age.

Don’t just fill your man’s belly before he leaves the house, feed his eyes and mind too. Let him walk out of the door with an assurance of more to come when he returns.

Always make him see one of the reasons he summoned courage to pop the big question ” Will you marry me?”

You can never go wrong looking good for your man. Just don’t ever let him say you don’t appeal to him although you are beautiful.



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