Friendship – My First Fiction

Hey Fam, this is my first attempt at writing stories, not first attempt sha but first one I think I can reveal to the public. Enjoy.

We used to chat all the time, I was the one who created the group where we met. 
“Her brain is bigger than her head ooo”. Those were the words Sandra used to describe her the day she was added into the group. We were bored that afternoon and needed someone to lift our chat spirit.
Ginger came into our group and swept us off our feet at first chat, she was amazing and her sense of humour? Omo, na die!

I set a customized message tone for Ginger, I was always free as long as she was free. I ignored messages from other contacts and most times my status read “busy”. We chatted about so many things; style, fashion, academics, career, religion, the future, and of course the boys. There was always something to discuss with Ginger.


I was in front of my H.O.D, the funny man that treats every final year students like primary school pupils. I ignored the second and third ping before stylishly switching off my fone.

“Come back tomorrow” Mr Gbade said sluggishly, after his long phone call. I was irritated, I wished someone, anyone would just give me a warm hug, or just help me slap sense into the man that had been asking me to “come back tomorrow” since the beginning of the week.

I turned my phone on and there were loads of messages as expected, but one message stood out, it was from Ginger and it read “ignoring my pings now uhn?” I was vexed, “why would she think I was ignoring her pings?” I asked myself. “She is supposed to know I have my reasons nah”. I hissed. 

I kept talking to myself until I got to my hostel ignoring passersby, once in, I undressed, switched off my phone and slept off. I decided before sleeping, that I was going to ignore till she pings again.

She never pinged, I never pinged. I stole her dp’s and some of her personal messages, maybe she did same, I can’t tell, but I never said Hi, not ever again.

Today, Sandra used her picture as her display picture, I was surprised to see the academic gown and cap, “so Ginger don grad?” I said to myself before  saving the picture. Another notification, it was Sandra again, her status read
“how can I cope with the news of your demise? You’ve given me so much to remember Ginger, till we meet again RIP big brain”

I was shocked, and I still am, I asked myself questions I dare not ask Sandra ever since I left our group. “How come?” “When and why did it happen?”

I feel bad, I’m filled with wishes as I type, I wish I could walk down this lane and change some scenes, my vision is blurred but my teary eyes can’t bring back the dead.



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