” For the last time” mama said. She was about to ask the same question again.

That was mama’s seventh last time and I was just as determined as she was, to keep giving the same response.

Tired of the whole drama, I took a deep breath and started to talk “mama see ehn, I was examining the medicine when two pills fell out of the sachet, I swear, I don’t even know what it is used for”

Silence took over. I was not sure she believed. She had not even asked me how I got the drug, she was only concerned about the missing pills. I was confused.

“You were examining the sachet when two pills fell out of the sachet abi” mama broke the silence, mimicking me.
“You don’t know what postinor is used for? Tsebi?”

I knew mama’s questions were rhetoric so I kept mute. I was clueless as to where her new set of questions were coming from but I was determined to act normal.

My eighteenth birthday is the cause of this interrogation, it was the first time I had to celebrate in the absence of my parents. My friends made sure I had lots of fun and before the end of my special day I had my first experiment of biology’s reproduction.

My experienced friends prepared me for the experiment. I didn’t make use of all the stuffs my friends gave me, he said it was of no use. Truly, it was a delightful experience.

A week later, my friends came around after lectures, it was during our discussion I remembered I did not make use of the morning after pill, I raced towards my bag and swallowed two of the pills.

Nothing seemed wrong until I came back from school with the sleeping sickness and then, mama’s pill discovery.

“Get up!” Mama yelled, she must have been talking to me while I was lost in thought.
“We are going to the hospital right now” she quickly added.

I stared at her, hoping for a minute that I had heard her wrong.
Mama would never support abortion but I have never heard her speak against disowning a disgraceful child.



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