POETRY : Erased Colors 

Mother told me

Life is beautiful

but she never told me

of the confusion  that exists

amongst its colors


Mother said to me,

“You are beautiful inside and out”

But she never showed me

How to hide that beauty

From predators


Mother warned me

Not to spread my legs

Before the price is paid

And I am called a bride

But she never added

That they could be forced to part


Mama told me

That hymens are broken

On wedding nights

On Special beds

But she forgot to add

That it could be broken by any rod


Mother warned me

Not to hate my enemies

But tonight

She is thirsty for blood


They tore my clothes

And shredded my pants

They covered my eyes

And sealed my lips

They put a hand on my throat

Broke into me with haste

Spilled my redness on mama’s bed

Split my thigh in two

And damaged my mind


Mother told to me

Life is beautiful

But she forgot to tell me

Of the ones who erase its colors 


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