It’s 3:24am and I am wide awake. Just finished seeing some YouTube videos of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Voice and a couple clips from Coke Studio.

I don’t know what it is right now because I am originally a nocturnal being but I have to be in school today and I need to get me some rest before I step out but “sleep won’t come”.

I think I have a clue though, last week tuesday I was at the prestigious University of Ibadan here in Nigeria (don’t give me that look, I’ve noticed viewers from the United States of America so I need to be specific and detailed henceforth). 

I was at the University to watch and have a first time experience of the initiation ceremony of Theatre Arts students, the 2017 initiation ceremony was tagged “The Phoenix”. There is something about the Phoenix and MiCi but I don’t know what it is yet, I just like the way Phoenix sounds in my ears plus I have an unfinished piece titled “Kintsugi Phoenix” (I hope to complete it someday). 

In case you didn’t know, I was once a student of Performing and Media Art at Pencils Film and Television Institute (PEFTI) in Lagos, Nigeria but I didn’t get a chance to be initiated (dropped out as fast as I dropped in, not my fault though) . So, I wasn’t opportuned to have that experience and believe me when I say “I don’t even know if my colleagues did” cause I didn’t care to find out (I was a drop out, and I was being a saddist) . 

I must confess, I was totally mesmerized all through the performances and I was as weak as a bullied kid by the time I left. Over the years, I have denied my love for the stage more times than Peter denied Jesus in the Bible but upon the arrival and display of the initiates that awesome evening,  I joyfully confessed my love for the stage (to myself though). Something happened to me right there and I just wanted to be on that stage with them cause there’s a way art makes me feel that I still can’t explain.  But, with the way I feel (still feeling) after the experience, I am definitely going to give it a shot again and make sure that I excel at it. 

So last week, I awakened my love with a thousand naira (seat fee, there was no gate) and I have been thinking alot (more reason for sleeplessness) telling myself that I can do it, silently saying “Go MiCi, Go MiCi Go!!” and with all of that stuff I just saw on EllenTube/YouTube (oh my god!) I just know I can. 

Special shout out to Macey Hensley and Brielle Miller (these girls are my motivation right now) 

You! Whoever you are, wherever you are, this is not the first time you will be reading stuff like this but I want you to take it from me,  YOU CAN!!! You can be whoever you want to be, but it isn’t just about thinking it, you have to say it to yourself and act it. Let’s make it easier this way, always remember to TSA it.

  • T for Think 
  • S for Say 
  • A for Act 

You can write it on your wall, print it on your shirt, write it on your mug or tray. Just always remind yourself to TSA it because the more you TSA it the more “Tomorrow Sounds Alright”.

I love you now and always. 

I’ll go find sleep now. 😴😴😴😴



  1. I never seen you in person, but at times I have prayed for you…you are awesome and thanks for reminding me not to give up 🙂 to my queen, across the sea…

    Liked by 1 person

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