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Hello friends of MiCi, how are you today? I’m fine, thank you for asking (😀😀😀😀).

I’ve been thinking about relationships lately and I guess it’s time to share my thoughts with you all, I actually do think that relationships are like using cellphones. 

Firstly, I want to compare how cellphones are gotten to how relationships start.

  1. Buy from a Phone Slot – This is similar to saying a guy or lady walks up to whoever he/she is interested in.
  2. Order a phone online – In some cases, people kick off things online, they do a research of who it is they want to be with and fix a date which is when delivery takes place. 
  3.  Gift – Some people win phones and some relationships happen like that. Someone else does the selection, examination and buying and hands over to the one who ends up using it. Most times, this happens among friends.  

That’s the process of getting a phone as compared to starting a relationship. 

So, what do we do when we get our phones?  Most times, the first thing we ought to do is charge till it is full but many people don’t have the patience to wait to see the fully charged notification which in relationships is the ready for kick off signal. 

Many people unplug their phones along the way (power outage sometimes enhances this, then there is the “DO NOT CHARGE WITH A GENERATOR” signal labelled in our minds). Once unplugged, we explore the features of the new gadget ignoring the fact that it isn’t fully charged. Same with relationships, many people start digging into their partners (wanting to know the whole of twenty-five years in three hours)  without waiting for the kick off signal (I actually think there’s never a need to rush) which of course varies with different set of people.

In the course of using the phone, we set up features that we like, yeah we do this to our partners (directly and indirectly) we set them up. We install games and applications and set up security settings. Oh yeah! We do that to human beings too, we make them different from what they were when they got out of the factory. 

I am not saying don’t set up your phones, that’s why they are yours, to do as you please. What I’m saying is don’t treat your relationships or partners like cellphones, you are not some sort of factory worker to reset them and not everybody comes with manuals. Stop trying to change them.

So after set up, we start using our cellphones, we make calls, take pictures, make videos and chat, that’s us having great fun with the new person, although we have made changes. Things go well till we get the “Low Battery Warning”. 

Many people don’t charge their phones till it is critically low, many partners don’t deal with issues till it gets out of hand. We charge and use and charge and use and suddenly we start complaining about the battery, the same way people drain their partners of joy and laughter and energy, some deprive their partners opportunities to actualise their dreams and make up for it with flimsy excuses (charging) till they start feeling like something is wrong with the phone battery and it needs to be changed. 

People change batteries and still destroy their new batteries like they did to the previous ones, same with relationships, some partners scream change “baby we have to talk about this” you would hear them say but before communication hits its target they are already screaming against “change“.

Some cellphones are actually bad with bad and inappropriate themes that you might just be forced to change their looks: buy a pouch, download nice songs and apply attractive wallpaper. That should be done with care and respect (in relationships) 

PS. There would always be better phones you just have to make the most of what you have. Although sometimes, there’s always need for a new gadget (but how would you handle it? Like the previous). 

Lastly, about sim cards and the use of multiple phones which is actually referred to as philandering and cheating in relationships. We all know which cellphone we would kill for, we know the one that would give us a heart attack if it were to get stolen. We know the ones we’d protect with our life because it holds our valuables. 

Like every cellphone owner knows the most cherished, every partner knows who holds the key to their hearts. 

Thank you for reading. 

Drop your thoughts on this post in the comments section. I love you. 




  1. it’s really ok,
    nice comparison.
    I’m also a victim of the battery charging of a thing I bought the new phone I didn’t charge it, I wanted to explore it whole content but I’m now regretting.
    Nice nice…


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