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My Wedding Might Not Hold On A Saturday 

It’s another Saturday today and where I live, it’s the official Owambe (party, weddings especially) day. “Nibo lo tin sele? O wan be’yen” (where’s it happening?  It’s happening there).
See ehn my Empire people, I don’t have anything against people getting married on Saturday o but I’m thinking in my head that all of you will be in your offices when I’m saying “Yes I do”. In this world of everybody wanting to do something different, I’m thinking of difference with a touch of Economics. No, not because I’m broke but because it’s going to be my wedding and I can do whatever I want to do that day. 

Haha! Stingy bi ti bawo?  I’m not stingy o, if you can leave your office on a Monday morning to attend my wedding, who will chase you?  You’re welcome noni. 

Moreover, I cannot finish my twenty-two wedding cakes by myself, I would need help with it. So, your presence will be highly appreciated. 

In case you don’t already know, all the single ladies will just dance “all the single ladies, all the single ladies” and go back to their seats, no bouquet to catch because I won’t be carrying one. But, if the ladies want to catch bouquet, they can bring it from their house, once again , nobody will chase them away. 

Because I’m thinking it won’t hold on a Saturday, my dream of a short wedding dress is looking more real than ever. Just close your eyes and picture this. 

I can easily walk around in my dress while waiting for the officiating Priest, take pictures and post on social media and people will just be commenting, “nice dress, pretty smile, beautiful picture” without knowing that I’m about to tie the knot. Hahahahah. Mischievous right?  I know. 

Have I even mentioned that the fact that there would be an officiating Minister doesn’t mean it would hold in a Church? Yesso, me that I’m thinking of having butterflies fluttering over my head in a garden when my groom is kissing the bride. 

And yes, I’m not going to be looking like some Barbie in the hands of MUAs, so it’s going to look like a normal Monday even though everything inside of me knows the day isn’t just any day. To make things even more real, I could wear purple lipstick, my favorite. Yes!!! 

Seriously, I don’t understand why Saturdays are for weddings and I just wish to have my wedding on a day when just a few of us are doing same. How does that even align?  Don’t worry, it makes sense in my head. 

And before you ask me what if my man doesn’t concur, just know that I would be getting married to someone equally crazy. 

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to drop your comments.

 I love you. 



10 thoughts on “My Wedding Might Not Hold On A Saturday ”

  1. Hehehe, I shoved this thought away cos I think it was awkward…now am dusting that box and planning on strategies for it’s success, such that future wife n families will just ve to concur😉.. I wanto wed in a cool breeze garden or beautiful water side, with the fewest no. of people possible, 10:00 am on a monday😂😁

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