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My Phone Is Not So Smart 

Having a smartphone in my generation is one of the basic achievements of most adolescents, youth and even the elderly. 

How can you say you don’t have a smartphone in a public gathering? You had better quickly add some explanation even if no one asked. 

It’s understandable if your smartphone is having battery issues, or screen problem or the charger is misbehaving or the charging port is faulty or some other or. Just don’t say you don’t own one. 

That is one of the struggles that people face this days, the struggle to feel among but I’m not about to lecture anybody on how to live their lives right now, I’m just here to make fun of my smartphone. 

As a certified yoruba babe from a not so little town in Ogun State, South Western Nigeria, it is in my blood to speak my language (I didn’t say dialect o, mi o gbo ede Egba o (I don’t understand my dialect o). And since chatting is equivalent to speaking with somebody, I find myself typing words in yoruba most times during chats. 

Here’s the fun thing, my smartphone in all its smartness powered by auto-correct sometimes doesn’t know that some of the words I type are not English words. It cracks me up everytime I write a yoruba word and like the Egyptians let the Israelites go, my auto-correcter let’s me pass without red underlining. 

So, here are a few words I type in yoruba and manage to go scotfree.

  • Fun won – meaning “give them”. 
  • So fun – meaning “tell him/her”.
  • Won tide – meaning “they’ve arrived”.
  • Tie – meaning “yours”.
  • Desire – This is the name of my friend’s son and it means to have “arrived in goodness”.
  • Akin – meaning “brave”.
  • Ode – meaning “fool”.

All of these and a lot more make me smile everytime I’m chatting and typing yoruba words. So, next time I send LOL during a chat or I use the 😁 smiley,  don’t doubt my laughter, you never can tell, I could be making jest of my smartphone at that moment. 

How can I not mention those times that it would bring suggestions for me that if I include in my sentence, career tan niyen (my career will just end). 

It’s okay to have a smartphone but it’s not okay to think less of yourself if you don’t have one. After all, the things are not so Smart sef, if my phone was smart, why can’t it just say something like “MiCiBlissy, you have just switched to Yoruba language, would you like to activate the signs keyboard so that your words can carry the correct ami for easier understanding and better communication?”.

Oh my God!!! Even me sef dey laugh. 

Anyways, thank you for reading. Kindly, drop your thoughts on this post in the comments section. 

I love you. 



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