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My Sunday Went Well 

I know it would be past midnight by the time I’m done with this post but I would keep typing still. 

So, after a boring Friday 😦 and Saturday😟 I told my friend Sammy that “my weekend was just there” and he told me I had one more day to go.

Screenshot of my chat with Sammy

During the week I had unknowingly or let me say unconsciously won two tickets to see my most anticipated stage play of the moment “The Passion of Christ for Pidgin”.

With the OAP (Uncle Sam) when I got my tickets

I wasn’t going to go there alone, so I asked a MiCi Fan, who was the first to request for one of the tickets to go with me. Bukunmi and I agreed to meet by Four pm so we could have a tete-a-tete, as it was going to be our first time of meeting off social media and the play wasn’t going to start till Six. 

My friend Emmanuel Essang came straight to my place on his way from church and we spent the afternoon laughing and having serious talk, I forced him to take selfies and also make videos of us singing Shontelle’s Impossible, but we kept forgetting the lyrics. 

Selfie with Emmans Essang

Emmanuel and I left the house before three, said our goodbyes and parted ways. Although I had the intention of enjoying the company of myself inside the Love Garden of the University of Ibadan, half way into my journey I changed my mind and paid IndyGo (not his real name) a visit. He was a good host but I decided to disturb him instead of seeing the movie showing on his laptop. We got talking and he also joined the group of people who have been warning me since yesterday “NOT TO HAVE MY WEDDING ON A MONDAY”. A few minutes to Four pm, I said goodbye to IndyGo but not without taking selfies. 

Selfie with IndyGo

Bukunmi was waiting upon my arrival, we exchanged pleasantries and I put a call through to everyone that I know inside the University of Ibadan to avoid being accused of sneaking in without notice. Makinde Damilola Peter of Communicator’s League joined us later, followed by Omoya Yinka Simult, my very good friend and resident of TEDDER Hall, University of Ibadan. We had a great time and our gists were mixed with laughter and happiness. 

Although Dami and Yinka were meeting Bukunmi for the first time, no stranger coming into our midst would have noticed (guys and their easy lifestyle). I didn’t push the issue of a selfie because I know Yinka to have Selfiephobia 😂😂😂😂. But I took some selfies with Dami. 

Yinka left us to attend a meeting and the remaining three of us proceeded to the Arts Theatre where the play was to be staged. Just before we stepped out of the Love Garden, I turned back to see my former coursemate and friend of seven years Chuks Agoziem a.k.a Giant. We took pictures together but please I don’t want you to laugh when you see them 😂😂😂😂.

Chuks was on his way to his department which was the same place we were headed, so we all walked the short trip down. 

Upon our arrival at the Arts Theatre, I met my very good friend and big brother Afouda Samuel, the man that first called me “Amoke Akowekowura”, his fiancee whose birthday was yesterday and a host of other people. I took selfies and you can find some below. 

With Afouda Samuel, baba agbalagba himself
With the Fiancee, Oloyede Bisoye
With Dr Warri Connect of Lagelu FM

The play was beautiful and amazing and I enjoyed every bit of the time I spent inside that Theatre. 

I had so much fun today, many amazing  moments were not captured on camera but believe me when I say “My Sunday Went Well”.

Thanks to everyone who made my day. I love you all. 

Time to sleep, I’ve got to be in school today (it is Monday already). 

I love you Empire people 😘😘😘😘.



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