Where Is My Life?

Where is your life? Where is my life? 

Many people have lost their lives without knowing. Many think they still own their lives but what they carry about is a shadow of what used to be their lives. 

Lately, I have come to notice an alarming rate of people seeking validation from people seeking validation from people validating their lives with other people and things too. 

The previous paragraph might make no sense to you but the truth remains that, many of the people you seek validation from also seek validation from others. 

 It is so disheartening that today we all talk about self love and self crush, yet crush ourselves with the lack of love for ourselves. 

I know some people will say “No, that’s not true” but the truth is bitter and it is so true. 

Where is your life my friend? Is it still within your grip? Do you still have a hold on it? Or, are you waiting for that celebrity crush of yours to like your picture or retweet your tweets before you realize that you are special? 

In this age of following on social media platforms, many people have lost their lives to the number of followers they aim at having. Many people don’t even have time for real life experiences anymore, some have sold their souls to the god of the internet and would literally die if something was to happen to the internet tomorrow. 

The things that have become norms in our society of today will shock you. You know right? Those things that really do not matter have become so important that abnormality has become the new normal. 

Off the internet, some have completely lost it, they have created idols and role models that they want to be like at all cost (and I am not referring to people who wouldn’t kill to be like others).

Not everybody has lost it but if you carry out a survey around you, you will see for yourself the number of people who still have it together, their lives, their minds and see those who have lost it too. I don’t know where you live, so I can’t assume what the statistics will be. 

I don’t know who said or how it was said, but someone already said “the only man you should strive to be better than is the one looking back at you in the mirror”.

Next time you wanna run yourself crazy, ask yourself “Where is my life?”. If you find out that you’ve lost it, get it back. If you haven’t, don’t lose it! 

Thanks for reading. I still love you. 



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