Her succulent lips called out

to every hormone embedded in him

He pulled her close and cupped her face 

“I won’t kiss a writer” was all he said 

Before he walked away 

She asked questions from a breaking heart 

But, when he spoke into the receiver 

Her heart melted and tears dried up 

As she heard the words he said 

“I won’t kiss a writer

because whichever way it goes 

they end up writing about it”

She dressed up and zipped her pants

Stepped out wearing bright red lipstick 

And fragrance of a seductive spray

To erase the fear of kissing a writer 

“I see you put the ink on your lips today” he said 

But she moved closer to him

And wrote all the tales she could 

In the space between his lips

He broke his promise to himself 

But when she sent a message 

Describing their kiss

He closed his eyes and renewed his vow 


Thanks for reading. I Love You. 



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