My Handkerchief Story

I have never really understood how people who have plenty of handkerchiefs do it or why they do it. Like seriously, you don’t lose handkerchiefs?  You don’t misplace them?  You don’t forget them on the line? Wow!
I know people who have more handkerchiefs than underwear, and I just don’t get it. How do you people do it?

Surprisingly, I now have a collection of handkerchiefs too.  Not a large collection but for someone like me who never understood the idea of owning and keeping handkerchiefs, I’ll say it is  an impressive collection, and by impressive I mean five handkerchiefs at once.

– ring the bell, sound the alarm.

MiCi has five handkerchiefs. Oooh ahhh Oooh…

Okay, enough of the drama MiCi, how did you manage to have five handkerchiefs at the same time?

Well, thanks for asking, here you go. This is my Handkerchief Story.

So, it happened in December that I went with a friend to a supposed Pizza Hut that turned out to be a Supermarket, I was disappointed and at the same time vexed. It was sunny afternoon and I was sweaty. I needed a handkerchief badly and I got one with the Christmas “green and red” theme. It didn’t seem to do the job properly but I kept it.

So, another time I was sweating under the sun this year and I bought a handkerchief that managed to follow me home also, and like that to the third, the fourth and fifth.

I hardly ever remember to take a handkerchief out of the house but I sometimes get to take one home and never find it again, so it’s amazing that I have found five handkerchiefs that belong to me and it’s like the first time I am having that amount of handkerchiefs at the same time.

Maybe, just maybe I’ll start keeping handkerchiefs now because I am fascinated by the thought of me having a collection of handkerchiefs.

PS. It’s either I forget to wash or wash and forget I washed or just something else but before now my handkerchiefs always disappear.

Thanks for reading my Handkerchief Story, how many handkerchiefs do you have?

I love you.



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