Happy Worker’s Day and Happy New Month friends. I wish you a great one. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Parents listen to your children

We are the leaders of tomorrow

Try to pay our school fees 

And give us sound education

Oh! What a pity.

Today, I speak with the voice 

of a thousand graduates 

who sang this song over a decade ago

But are nothing but 

degree owning labourers and okada riders

Whose worn out shoes 

have been deprived of the ko ko ka sound.

Today, I stand to say that I know 

we are the leaders of tomorrow

Though no one ever told us 

tomorrow will always be tomorrow 

in a Nation where

The beauty of our old men 

no longer lives in their grey head 

But now resides in their shameless acts of corruption,

a Nation where the glory of youths 

no longer abide in their strength

But dwells on dubious thoughts 

of means of acquiring without perspiring

Just like our so called leaders.

Today I stand to ask

Why the only infrastructure they care about 

is the one that relates to their stomach

And the only amenities they provide 

are the ones that benefit them?

We care to know 

why promises are hard to keep in this part of the world?


We want to know 

why the Government owes Corp members 

when their children wallow in abundance

We want to know why graduates are denied jobs

despite passing interviews 

while relatives of the wealthy are hired 

with just a phone call.

We need to know

why institutions sell a thousand forms

and admit less than a hundred children – who have legs

We need to know what happened to merit?

Did merit die on merit?

They who enjoyed free education 

have come to make learning a living hell for us

Our tertiary institutions are filled with fresh stalites 

who spent years at home before gaining admission

because Jamb never stopped jamming them

Still, there’s no assurance 

of strikes not striking them with extra years.

Sometimes, we wonder 

if the tales our parents tell 

of this nation are truly true.

But then,

Why is our Nation’s report card filled in red ink?

What is the cause of our bad roads?

Why is our health sector sick? 

And our education system failing?

Why is our security sector unsecured?

Why is our naira worthless?

Why can’t graduates get jobs?

Why are workers being owed salaries?

Why can’t peace pitch it’s tent amongst us?

Why do we never get answers?


Thanks for reading. I appreciate you stopping by. 

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I love you. 




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