(because I’m cracking inside of me and I know I’m not alone) 

Our parents don’t understand, that
we are not looking at other people’s clocks

Because ours is also ticking

They think we lack the patience to endure hardship

But all we want is to fulfill dreams we had

On nights we slept on empty stomachs 
Our friends hate 

to see us frown at their celebrations 

But truly, we do not hate their progress 

We are only tired of the turtle feet our 

Kangaroo dreams have grown 
Our society calls us names

When depression sets in

And when we deeply press on

They deeply pressure us

To become who we are not

And accuse of becoming 

Less than we could have been 
Our government dishes out lies

That we lick with tongues of hope

Yet their abandoned projects

And manifestos 

Devour lives and dreams

Before manifestations 
Our tears and hurts

Are covered with smiles

And with every shutter sound 

We conceal our cracking bones

Knowing that the ones who will like the selfies

Are also dealing with one or two things
We have come this far not to crack

We remain because we know 

That life is a fixed bed of thorns

But we can always choose our duvet.


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I love you. 


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