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The Amoke Akowekowura Series : Stories You Can Relate With. 

My First Trip To Benin. 
I think I need to state that of all my travels (few travels actually) the first time I went to Benin in Edo State still stands as the one I enjoyed most. 

I got to the park at Iwo road sometime around twelve that day and I was the last passenger to get on board the car that was taking all four of us – ladies to Benin. After the usual settling of garage touts and other garage officials, the driver – a middle aged man, set the car on motion and we started the five hours journey to Benin. 

When I got into the car I greeted the ladies in the car as a sign of courtesy and they courteously replied too but we said nothing to each other afterwards. The driver being aware that ladies don’t get along easily tried to initiate conversations that required contributions from each one of us but as soon as one person had joined the conversation, the rest of us kept quite. This kept happening till we got to Osun State. 

Ours was the only car on the highway and all of a sudden we heard one of the car tyres burst. It was a scary experience. And somehow we all started talking to each other while the driver changed the tyre. The lady who sat in front with the driver shared previous experiences of tyres bursting and we just kept thanking God that nothing happened. Together, we tried to imagine the things that could have happened if it we were traveling at night, the thought of being robbed and other evils led us from one topic to another. 

When the car was fixed and we were back on the road, the atmosphere had changed and we were all suddenly discussing different things like we were sisters. We got talking about the reasons for traveling to Benin and Lola, the lady beside the driver said she had gone to buy goods in Lagos after her make-shift store had been cleaned out by the gentlemen of the night. She was returning with new goods that she had gotten to replace the stolen ones. IBK, a Corp member who sat behind the driver said she was coming from Ibadan where she had gone to obtain a police report, after she was robbed in Ibadan over the weekend. Chisom, the only fair lady in the car said she was attending a function at her fiance’s hometown and it was her first time traveling to Benin just like me who was going to see a friend. 

See you next week for another episode of the Amoke Akowekowura Series. 

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I love you.

Amoke Akowekowura 


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