This post is going out to my sisters, it was first published on my facebook page and it got lots of guys laughing but still, I will put it here. 

Ladies, please ehn, when you see that stunning dress on the mannequin and you just want to have it at all cost because the mannequin is of your height and stature and you’re in dire need of a dress, please do one last check before you pay for it. Check out the boobs of the mannequin.

I am not joking right now, I am as serious as serious can be.

I’m telling you this because I once saw a dress on a mannequin and bought it all because I wanted a new dress and this one seemed perfect.

Chai… When I got home, my supposed off-shoulder dress became round neck, all because my milk factory was more equipped than the mannequin’s. The cloth kept jumping up and, it wouldn’t stay on my shoulders.

The dress in that picture was off the shoulders of the mannequin that attracted me but breast will not let the glory of the cloth show. 

I am not a Fashion Blogger or Fashionista but I learnt that one lesson from experience and I just wanted to warn the next unsuspecting buyer, after all, what are sisters for?

PS : You could check the backside too, but me that don’t have backside, I don’t pass my boundaries.


Thanks for reading. Feel free to like, share, drop your comments and follow the blog for notifications on new posts. Thank you. 

I love you. 


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