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The Amoke Akowekowura Series: Stories You Can Relate With 

The Journey to Benin. 
If you don’t know how we got here check this out.

Our journey was smooth but five hours turned into almost seven hours. Our driver stopped at the famous Ore in Ondo state to get the bursted tyre fixed while we alighted to ease ourselves, stretch our legs and also eat. When we hit the road again around ten minutes past four pm, I was the subject of conversation as they all believed I was ‘forming’ when I said I don’t eat when traveling. 

Yes, I usually don’t, except on rare occasions because :

  1. I throw up when I smell fuel, and I hate to throw up. If I have to, let me throw up only saliva. 
  2. I am not comfortable eating from roadside cooks. I have seen different things in my lifetime and I know better. 
  3. I would rather drink water and have to pee than eat and risk having to suppress the urge to poo (which is not a easy task). 

I listened as the ladies argued back and forth about me while our driver laughed at intervals. Thirty-five minutes later, we were at Okada and it was there and then I realized I am really an abnormal girl. As soon as we got to Okada where Igbinedion University is located, IBK told Chisom that we would soon get to Oluku where she would be alighting and the next I saw was a shock to me. Almost immediately, all them girls opened their handbags, brought out their makeup kit and started face painting. I asked if it was a must and in unison they said Y-E-S! 

Okay, I know I don’t like excess makeup but up till that day I didn’t know the makeup kit didn’t belong in the traveling bag. Alright, I knew but I didn’t have the time for all of that. 

Chisom alighted at Oluku and the rest of us proceeded to the Park in Benin and it was there IBK and I parted ways with Lola. It was a rainy day in Benin and I still remember IBK saying “it rains every day in Benin”. We carried our bags, rolled up our trousers and joined a bus going to Ring road, inside the bus IBK spoke with a lady beside us who agreed to help me find my way to G.R.A as IBK was alighting along the way. She got off the bus and we said our goodbyes after exchanging contacts. I had collected Chisom’s contact too. 

When we got to Ring road, I was lost in the midst of noisy traders screaming at the top of their voices for customers. It was past six pm when I got into the cab that was to take me to Mashoria but before I dropped my bag in the trunk, I opened it and brought out my makeup purse. As soon as we hit the road, I looked into the mirror and began to touch up my almost invisible makeup, laughing at myself as I did so. 

Turned out the cabbie did not know where Mashoria was and we kept going round the G.R.A in circles, but eventually, just a few minutes to seven o’clock, I slammed the door of the cab shut and ran into the open arms of my waiting friend.

First thing I did as soon as I got settled was call IBK and Chisom. 

It’s been almost a year and I have not had that kind of travel associates again. 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thanks for reading, join me next Thursday as I give you a list of associations I have stumbled upon in the course of traveling upandan! 

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I love you. 


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