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Thank Jesus it is another Friday. Grateful is me, for this gift of life. Friends and Fans of MiCi, today you would be reading a few (more than a few though)  things about me that only a handful of people know about me. 


  • Lawyer – Because everyone used to call me ‘D Law’ and I saw we had no lawyer in the family, but my uncle married a lawyer and I quit. 
  • Musician – I will still do Music but not how I wanted to anymore. I don’t want to be the Nigerian Lady Gaga again.
  • Actress – I changed it to Stage acting a long time ago, I don’t want screen acting again.
  • Instrumentalist – First, I learnt how to play the drums, then Keyboard, then Guitar, then Saxophone and the Talking Drum and right now (covers face) I can’t play doh! on any musical  instrument. 

    I LOVE :

    • Names – I think I love names more than anyone I have ever met and I have a whole lot of them. I love me some plenty names. 
    • Fish – Oh Lord have Mercy! If it’s my first time in your house and you offer me fish: grilled, fried or roasted, sorry to disappoint you, I will finish it.
    • Bread – Maybe because Mom used to bake us bread all the time when I was growing up, I don’t know but I will eat bread with stew, jam, butter, egg, pear and anything else I find. If you offer me bread and I reject it, pray for me, mo ti sick niyen. 
    • Cakes – I grew up eating cakes and having cakes for my birthdays except for my 17th. I love baking cakes too. 
    • Chocolate – My love for chocolate originated from a rectangular red sachet inhabitant called “goody goody“, now it has graduated to Snickers and Mars and M&M and Toblerone and Bounty and any other type of chocolate that catches my attention. 
    • Traveling – One of my many names “Ajala” came as a result of this hobby of mine. I love to travel, I hate the odour of fuel but I travel at every given chance. 

    PS. If you know anybody or body (organisation) that can sponsor my travels while I write travelogues for them, please do the needful. I think it’s time to make money from my wakawa or make money with it. Anyhow! Thank you in advance. 

    I HATE:

    • Waiting for anybody at the bus stop – I will ask the bike man a hundred times if we are almost there so that I can call to tell you I’m already there (no be lie, na strategy), by the time you do your catwalk to the Bus stop nobody will be kept waiting. 
    • Looking for something, anything, especially when I am sure of where I kept it – How can I put my pen on the table last night and not find it in the morning? That’s not a problem abi?  Yes it isn’t o. It becomes a problem when nobody admits to have seen it or taken it. The bigger problem actually arises when somebody says, “Are you sure you kept it there?” or “Try to remember where you kept it. You say what? 
    • Boring people – I don’t want to believe that anyone who has met me would call me boring. Yes, I can’t imagine being bored. Even when I have 101 reasons to be bored, I try not to bore others. If you’re boring, kindly stay off my path. NaGoDe. 
    • Noisy Company – Let’s be playful. Let’s turn up. Let’s crack jokes and laugh. Let’s make noise but let not our company be noisy. Bless you! 


    • Purple – My love for color purple is a divine something, I can’t fit to explain. But then, the color suits me well.
    • Orange – Most times I prefer having this colour around my purple, it’s my purple compliment. 
    • Blue – I grew up loving blue as a result of my sports house in Primary school, our blue house then was called “Sapphire” house and we usually came third. Fast forward to today, I think I will choose Blue over any other color in the absence of my other favorite colors. 
    • White – I have it at the front of my mind, God willing, that as soon as I can, I would make sure all my favorite colors are worn on a white outfit or with a touch of white e.g  white dress-purple accessories, white shirt-orange pants, blue top-white skirt. There’s always going to be a touch of white. 
    • Black – Several times, people have asked if black is my favorite color and I have said no but looking at my clothes and seeing that black outnumbers the other colors I have, I have come to accept that I love black too. Surprisingly, black always looks good on me.


    • Nine – My date of birth 
    • Seven – My month of birth 
    • One – My position in the family 


    • Face – If I don’t love my face, who should? That’s my face👇 very early in the morning.

    PS. I love my eyebrows to a fault.

    • Breast – For a girl of my size and stature, my chest is one of the things I like most about my body, most especially because I don’t have a big booty to oppress people with.

    • Lips – I love my lips and I use my lips well (winks). Even when I apply the most awkward of lipstick on my lips, I am always confident of the lusciousness of my lips.

    • Hair – I got this one from mama, and it’s the one I experiment with the most. One time I am rocking afro, the next time it’s punk, then braids and now I’m on my way to making dreadlocks. That’s my hair 👆 in the picture of my face.
    • Fingers and Feet – Obviously the freshest part of my body, I always get questioned about how I managed to have fair fingers and toes despite being dark skinned. Well, I don’t know and I don’t use any special cream. 


        • Silence – That’s when I’m thinking. 
        • Talk – I talk to myself and all the different shades of MiCi in the bathroom.
        • Sing – I sing along when my bathroom playlist is available or sing my heart out when it’s not.
        • Look – There’s also that moment of just looking, I mean, just staring into space. 
        • Chat – If I’m chatting on my phone as I walk into the bathroom, there’s a huge possibility that I’m still chatting after 10minutes.


        • Calendars – What happened to the nine months I spent in the womb? Why doesn’t anybody add it to my age? 
        • Growing Old – I like the idea of growing up and still being youthful, not the concept of growing old and becoming childish. Uhn? 
        • I totally don’t understand why some couples sleep in different rooms. I don’t get it. 

          BOOKS I LOVE TO READ: 

          • Romance – I started reading books with Romance very early in my life and I am still drawn to any book that carries a Super Romance label. 
          • Action – I’ll read it if it has action that I can watch through the mind of the writer. Yesss! I will read it. 
          • Comic – If it will make me laugh without wasting my time, bring it on. God knows I like to laugh. 
          • History – I think I love to read about history because I hate to seem dumb in the midst of people who know history. 
          • Crime – I love to read about crime, I especially like to fool myself into thinking I’m a CIA agent and I got it all figured out only to be disappointed and blown to pieces by the writer. I love the feeling. It’s hugasmic. (I didn’t say anything). 
          • Science – Before you start tripping (that’s if you love ladies who love Science) please be informed that I am not one for the theories, I love books that talk about the practical aspects of Science. I’m not saying I would read your handouts, I’m just saying if you write a book like “When There Is No Doctor” I will read it.
          • Poetry Anthologies – Presently my highest collection. 

          PS. Before you start imagining the size of my library, please note that I don’t own one yet, not physically or virtually. Sorry to disappoint you. But I want to read books, I really want to read books, so if you have books related to those aspects I mentioned and you would like me to read them, you can send them to my email address ( Plus, my birthday is coming soon, you might want to send hard copies too. Email me for how to get them across. Thank you in advance. 


          • Friendship – There’s this feeling I have when it’s all bubbling that scares me because like my Twinnie will say “enemies can still become friends but what happens when friends become enemies?” I know a lot of people but these days, I can count my friends. 
          • Competitions – It freaks me out. Most times I end up not sending my submission. Competitions make me feel sick. 
          • Pubic Hair – Not yours, mine! I won’t say more than that but it sure freaks me out.
          • Rare Diseases – When anybody says “Rare Disease” I cringe because upstairs it registers that there might be little or no solution to that problem. 

          MY BEST FRIENDS:

          • Google – We’ve been friends for a while now and I ask her everything, we gossip alot and she never runs her mouth. I’ve learnt a lot from her over time and I am still learning. 
          • Oddee – Because I’m weird, because I’m awkward, because I like oddities, I always visit her. She’s damn reliable! 


            I’m glad you stopped by, thanks for reading. What are those things we have in common? Kindly drop your comments, hit the like button and feel free to share.

            I love you. 


            3 thoughts on “REVELATIONS ABOUT ME ”

            1. Nice getting to know you. And I love it that you love books. I can send you some ebooks. Hard copies later in life…lol
              And that breast part, did not see that coming. Honesty.
              So good getting to know you.

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