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The Amoke Akowekowura Series : Stories You Can Relate With. 


Last week I promised you guys I would write about the different association of co-travelers I have had in all my travels. Well, today is the next week we talked about last week and I am here to talk about the first and most popular as I have noticed so far, these are the ones I call  the ASSOCIATION OF ELEJOWEWE (The talkatives).

These set of people can talk for Africa, talk for West Africa and even the whole world. They don’t keep shut. They are always talking. 
Sometimes, they come with their partners, other times they find partners inside the vehicle. Before you ask me if I don’t want people to talk please note that these ones are not just talking, they are a special breed of talkatives. 

Below is a list of how they operate

  • Alone with Charged Phone – Because their phone(s) is charged, they will receive and make calls throughout the journey. They are always on the phone, if it is not the business call, it is the family talk, or sometimes just pure gossip.
  • Alone with dead Phone or Low Battery  – They will start by complaining about electricity providers that did not allow them charge their phones before leaving or the idiot that took their charger, or somebody that nobody in the car knows that used their phone for midnight call. Gradually they will proceed to explaining to whoever tries to calm them down, and from there the conversation will continue in various meanigless directions.
  • With A Friend – These ones are prepared, and if you don’t have a headphone, you will know everything that shouldn’t be known about these two strangers. 
  • With More Than One Friend – These ones will murder and massacre each other and yab any and every body yab-able in the bus or outside of it. They will crack stupid jokes and laugh at it. They are a team, their defense is always strong. If there are two teams of such in the boss, some sleeping mothers at home might find their way into a session of  heated argument.

These people always talk too much. Most times they over talk. Sadly, I think they can’t help it.

If you live in Nigeria and you travel by road, you might have noticed this set of people too. 


Join me next Thursday as I would be writing about another association of people I have discovered amongst travelers. 

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I love you.  


5 thoughts on “The Amoke Akowekowura Series : Stories You Can Relate With. ”

  1. lol….. This post is very funny if you must know. And I can totally relate as a boy who was born and bred in Lagos and had to go to a boarding secondary school in the Ijebu area of Ogun State, then, off to Ekiti for a university degree, I can tell you I have met these people and more in my public transporting days…… Nice one!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The unbearable part comes when they begin to doze and then decide to start drooling on your shoulders. That part, my over the ear headphones cannot block out…….


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