The Amoke Akowekowura Series : Stories You Can Relate With.


Last week I wrote about the various Associations of Cotraveler’s I have met in my journey through the land (I said that in Beautiful Nubia’s voice), and I kicked off the series with the Talkatives.  

Today, I will be talking about the ASSOCIATION OF OLOORUN-IYA  (Sleepers Association).

Haa! Where do I start from? These ones can sleep for other planets. The only thing they need is a vehicle in motion, lo ba tan!

We have them in different categories too. 

  • Sleepers From The Onset – All they need is to hear the car engine come to life, they get to their village as soon as tyres start rolling. 
  • Halfway Sleepers – These ones fight sleep, they listen to music, read books  watch videos but halfway into the journey they surrender. 
  • Conscious Sleepers – Because when you’re traveling by road in Nigeria, you need to be at alert, but then sleep is natural and you can’t cheat nature, these ones will wake up at every sound, but once they have confirmed all is well, they go back to sleep. 
  • The Ones Who Don’t Usually Sleep – So they will say but that day, they will sleep. 
  • Deep Sleepers – These ones will sleep as if they are in their house. They would put their heads on the shoulder of the passenger beside them, they would even snore. 

    Mehn! When you’re traveling by road in Nigeria, just be prepared to meet at least one of these group of people, especially if it’s a long journey. 


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    I love you.


    2 thoughts on “The Amoke Akowekowura Series : Stories You Can Relate With.”

    1. I see sleeping in a vehicle as silly. Especially those who sleep from the get go. The bus is usually tightly packed, no space to stretch your legs and the constant urge to move your butt on the seat. Don’t see why somebody would be comfortable enough to sleep in these conditions.
      Secondly, the state of the roads. Chisos, my constant travelling from Benin to Ilorin 16/17 was hellish, especially from Ikirun to Ilorin. Can’t for the life of me see how somebody would be comfortable enough to catch some zzzzzzs.


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