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The Amoke Akowekowura Series : Stories You Can Relate With. 


Last week on my traveling episode, I wrote about the community /association of Sleepers. Today, I’m writing about a different group, the ASSOCIATION OF OLOUNJE

Normally, almost everyone in the bus or car buys something to eat during the journey. Men, women and children trading in car parks/garages, come out daily knowing that travellers will patronize them but some travellers ehn, let’s just categorize them. 

  • The Buyers Of Everything – Sachet water, bottled water, popcorn, chinchin, biscuit, cooked food, diced fruit. They would buy all as if they are shopping to take home or wherever they are going. It is not until they start chewing incessantly and loudly too that you start to feel offended. But like I said, it is one of those things. 
  • The Joiners – They are always waiting for the courteous invitation of ‘come and join me”, they won’t think twice even if you’re about to eat poison, they will join you and sometimes eat more than you. 
  • The Askers – “Please, can I have some” that’s their line, you can not be eating beside them and not invite them, they will invite themselves. 
  • The Selective – Remember, it is your food not theirs o, but they will still tell you what they want and how they want it. 

I must add that, Eaters add aroma to the journey. *winks*


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