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The Amoke Akowekowura Series : Stories You Can Relate With. 


Hello, amazing reader of this blog, it’s another Thursday and like we’ve been at it for a while now, I’m about to talk about another set of co-travelers I am have had the privilege of meeting, last week I discussed the foodies, today I would be writing about the ASSOCIATION OF OLORIN (Singers Association). 

These group of people would do two things to you 

  1. Serenade your ears with their beautiful voices OR
  2. Disturb your eardrums with their far from melodious voices. 

Aha! Now that you know that we have two categories of singers, let me introduce you to their activities 

  • The Ones Who Hum – They could be humming to the songs playing from their earphones or someone else’s phone or the car stereo. 
  • The Performers – They are always dramatic when singing, gesticulating and all. Close your eyes for a minute and  you would think the bus has turned into a BGT Auditions Arena.
  • The Ones Who Sing Only Their Favorite Line – It doesn’t matter what the song is, as long as it is not their favorite line, you’re not gonna hear their voice. 
  • The Critics – Sometimes, they need a partner, sometimes they find one, or if otherwise, they just continue singing and criticizing the song, artist and record label, all by themselves. 
  • The Impressionists – The cute girl beside him knows that song coming from the car stereo and you want him to look like he doesn’t have a great taste in music? No, he would try to sing along and leave an impression. It could be a girl too. 
  • The Lip Syncers – They can j’enu for Africa. “It’s called lip syncing” but these ones don’t even know the lyrics. They just munch. 

I must tell you, there are different Singers on various trips but if you use commercial buses or cabs on the Nigerian road, you should have at least met one of these people. 

I love you. 


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