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Birthday Jitters!!!

Yesso, I am nervous about my upcoming birthday. For the first time I am not seeing my birthday in the light of the usual 24hours of receiving calls and texts and mails and shout outs from friends and family on social media. All of a sudden I have realized that it is more than cutting a cake and receiving gifts, I will be a year older! Shit! Older! 
“Older” freaks me out. Yeah. 

I have always wanted to grow up but somewhere along the line, I realized growing up is overrated and boring, but what can I do? I’ll be older in five days time. Chai! 

I’m grateful for life and the opportunity to witness my most anticipated birthday and I guess the nervousness is a product of me feeling unaccomplished. Okay, it is not a feeling, I have not accomplished all those things I put down sometime ago. 

Well, I’ll be fine. 

Okay, I’m ATM broke and can’t even afford a birthday balloon talk more of a cake or anything else plus I’m legit homeless 😂😂😂😂 after using my house rent to sort different things at home and around home, I am so homeless and broke and also adding a new year, tell me if that’s not shitty enough. Have I even mentioned how I try getting a job and I keep getting jobs that are not worth my time? And I am growing older? 

You see why I don’t want to make a fuss about my birthday? 😑.

Usually, I would countdown and make some noise about adding a year but this is not just adding a year anymore, it’s called growing older and there comes a time in a girls life when she’s gotta be a lady with a girl inside of her. 

There shall be no unnecessary jamboree, especially if you can’t afford it. Don’t go broke trying to slay because really, the ones you want to help feel at home for at least ten hours won’t be there to settle your debt afterward. You’ve gotta be smart. 

That’s it, I’m jittery, my new age is freaking me out, but I’m gonna be a year older still, by God’s grace. 

Shout out to my mama who carried me for those nine months and seven days. I love her. I love my sister, my real friends and my baby too. Thanks for the love. fam! 



2 thoughts on “Birthday Jitters!!!”

  1. I have had the same experience, well, not totally as put by you…
    It is always great to be at a new age though. I believe it is grace.
    May Aondo lift you up in several ways and bring you always to far better days.
    I know He will because we believe. Do you receive? 🙂

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