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The Amoke Akowekowura Series : Stories You Can Relate With 


Last time on this series, I wrote about the Singers on every journey but today, I want to write about a group that, I have so far been able to stay far away from but close enough to observe their activities. These are THE ASSOCIATION OF ONI’JA (The Fighters).

Yeah, you read that correctly!

These group of people are always easily provoked, easily irritated and ever prepared to fight with anyone, including the driver. They don’t care what happens if an angry driver is behind the wheel. 

They just can’t stand 

  • A person that looks dirty to them.
  • A person that is singing too loud.
  • A person eating noisily.
  • A person with a crying child.
  • A person snoring in his/her sleep. 
  • A person with a different opinion from theirs.

Now, here is the thing, while in some cases our dear fighters might throw punches, most times it is just a rain of insults and abusive words that they use as weapons. If they are Religious or Political fanatics, don’t even try them, you can just shut up your mouth for peace to reign when the argument is getting heated. 

They are always filled with negative vibes and you can hardly ever get them to calm down. One thing to do is to AVOID THEM!


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1 thought on “The Amoke Akowekowura Series : Stories You Can Relate With ”

  1. I see them fighting the the driver, conductor- if there is one, the government and policemen along the route most times. But most times, the driver and the conductor bear the brunt of their anger. They never seem to do anything right- overload, no change, hike in fare, poor condition of the vehicle even weather condition….lol


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