Wow! Wow! Wow! I can’t stop wowing. 

And so it came to pass, that my birthday went well. 

I must say that, I have the most amazing set of people in my life. Although, it rained heavily and I could not go out or receive guests, they all made it up to me, somehow. 

My friends dug into my archive and resurrected old pictures of me, they must have been thinking they were making fun of my old looks, but truthfully, each picture brought back a memory that in the end made me full of gratitude for how far I have come. 

Calls. The calls started coming in from 11:50pm on Saturday night and even as I type this, the calls haven’t stopped. The messages I received made me realize how important I am to various people. I am still rereading the messages. 

Oh! The beautiful posts people made about me. One thing I appreciate about those post from people who wrote about me is the truth it carried, there was no sugar coating, no hyping, no exaggerations. Someone thinks I am crazy, troublesome, full of life etc. and they put it down that way. 

I went to church 😁😁😁😁, I even got there 30minutes early. I was drenched in love and it was not until yesterday that I got to hang out and have fun. 

As much as I was jittery about the new year, now that my birthday has come and gone, I must say that I love my new age and how it looks on me. Below are pictures of the newest 23 on the block. 

There’s a whole lot of things I am yet to do but in all I am not ashamed to say I am twenty-three years old. I’m trying not to regret the things that I have not achieved because regret is not a path for me to tread. 

Thanks to everybody, friends and family, as well as my numerous virtual friends that made the day memorable. I love you all. 

PS. For the records, something came up but I got over it. 



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